Music Monday

This song is from 1998, but I only discovered it last week! It’s a collaboration and a cover between the bands Stereolab and Ui of Brian Eno’s, St. Elmo’s Fire. The former, I’m familiar with, but not the latter. Then how did I discover this? Well, folks, I discovered it while listening to my “neighborhood” on Do you use Last.FM? Add me if you do and if you don’t you should check it out. It’s a website that connects users together through their music tastes! Basically you download a client that you install to your computer. It “scrobbles” EVERYTHING you listen to and from that, it suggests friends with similar musical taste to yours-your neighborhood, music it thinks you would like-reccomendations, and also concerts in your area. I’ve used it since 2006 and after scrobbling 1245 artists and 34,553 tracks, my recommended tracks are pretty on spot. Which is how I discovered this! Hope you like it as much as I do!


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