I have an interview tomorrow. It’s for a position as an assistant teacher at a school. Send me good vibes, because I desperately need a job. My current one SUCKS! I barely get any hours and I want a job that I don’t grumble and complain about every morning before leaving the house. Although I don’t ALWAYS love teaching, I always get something out of it and its much more enjoyable than retail. Hoping I can shine tomorrow and ace the interview!

In other news, I have been semi crafty. I bought some twine and pendants and made a necklace for myself and one for Devynn.


I also bought fabric and made some headbands! I ALWAYS wear headbands and am constantly frustrated by the lack of cloth ones when I go shopping. I find them occasionally, but mostly not and the metal and plastic ones give me headaches. So, I took matters into my own hand, literally. I sewed them by hand. My sewing machine is back home in the attic. :( I made one of black with multicolored hearts, a dark purple and one of navy blue.

I’ve been throwing around the idea of cross-stitching a Goomba and framing it, but so far that’s all I’ve done about that…think about it. >.<

Everything else is going well. Well, besides work, but I’m trying to get out of that situation! Derby practice was a lot of fun last week. We practiced skating in derby stance, played some Red Rover on skates and learned how to stop using the t-stop method. Well, I didn’t learn. My weak ankles just aren’t strong enough for that. Thankfully it’s not a necessity. I’ll just use the snow plow stop which I’ve seen some derby girls do and is MUCH easier for me.

The boyfriend is also getting into the skating spirit which makes me more than happy. It’s really nice having him interested in it. He even bought some inline skates this week so we can skate outdoors (i’m buying some outdoor wheels!) and at the rink. We’ve been going to the rink on the weekend so I can get some skate time in and build my endurance. We went last night for a couple of hours and I totally aced crossovers which is what I was having a big problem with before. Go, me!

It was a lot of thanks to this lady’s “how to execute crossovers” video. Cheesy, but it worked. Made everything a lot simpler.


8 thoughts on “luck!

  1. I can’t believe I wasn’t signed up on your site!! (that must be new-ish…)


    And omgosh – I’ve cross-stiched before! I thought I was the only one. :)

    Are you going to post pics of the headbands you made? That’s a great idea to make them yourself – and YAY about the BF getting into skating with you :)

  2. @daisy-yah. it’s pretty new! I will post pics of my headbands one of these days

    lol, what did you cross stitch!?

    everyone, thanks for all the wishes!

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