What I’ve been up to

Work-Sucks, but “you gotta do what you gotta do”
GYT-Writing letters to the editors of various newspapers/magazines for awareness of MTV/Planned Parenthood’s Get Yourself Tested (GYT) campaign
Not working out– :P
Cupcakes-I devoured 2 cupcakes this weekend from Coco’s Cupcakes in Pittsburgh and they were DELICIOUS!

Things I’m excited about

I’ve got my skates and all of my protective gear including a bright blue helmet! I’ve been researching everything derby, reading derby blogs, watching videos. I’m so excited about practicing, getting to know my teammates, learning more about the game, and eventuaIly playing! I went to a bout in Pittsburgh this weekend and it was…inspiring. As soon as I got home, I slept (what!? it was late…), but the next day I woke up bright and early to practice on my crossovers! Definitely improving, but still not where I want to be. Derby girls have pretty creative names. A few of my favorite from the bout this weekend were Rachel Slur, Skid Ho, Blue Scream of Death, Ally Mc Kill, and Mission Impassable. I have a few names I’m deciding between on a list, but I’m not going to mention them until it’s official. My top choice, Princess Slaya, had to be removed from the list because someone skates under that name in Kansas or something. Booo! Not to worry, I have something else up my sleeve. Just have to confer with the bffs and get their approvals.

Guest Post by Amber of Two Nuts in a Shell
I’m in a community for 20something year old bloggers called 20sb (if you’re a 20 something blogger and not a member, oin!). I love the community and without it I wouldn’t have half of the readers and awesome blogs to read, that I do now. We have special events within the community and this past week was the 7th blog swap. It’s an event where you’re matched at random with another blogger and they do a guest post on your blog and vice versa. It’s a nice way to meet anew blogger, get new readers, and have a different voice on your blog. I’m excited about the post Amber’s bringing to www.pinkielarue.com. I know you guys will love it.

Weight Loss
The number is still dropping y’all! I can only fit into one pair of my jeans now and those are m “skinny” jeans. *dances* I’m still amazed at how much I’m losing JUST by counting calories

Oh and I entered a contest at The Nerdy Bird to win tickets to comic con in San Diego this summer. I am looking forward to winning that contest (I hope!). Tickets sold out months ago :/


3 thoughts on “updaaate!

  1. I’d love to hear more about what you’re doing for GYT. I think it’s a great campaign!!!

    I’m so jealous that you’re still dropping weight – I’ve been counting calories and it isn’t doing much good – lol – I’m going to have to suck it up and actually start working out more.

    (p.s.- YAY for the skates!!!)

  2. @daisy- So far just letters to the editors about the campaign and it’s importance. In June I’ll be doing some canvassing around town!

    @kizzy haha, you can call it that. I barely get any hours and it’s shitty retail. Better than nothing I suppose! I just got a call from another potential employer and I have an interview on monday for a job as a teachers assistant.

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