Ok, Ok, ok!

I know I’m not due for a computer upgrade for about 2 more years, but omg, apple just announced the new macbooks and I want one. They’ll look the same, but the specs. Oh, GOD, THE SPECS! They sound awesome! They come at such a great time for the few mac gamers out there. Now that Valve/Steam (a company with over 25 million users that allows customers to buy games and play games through their application, Steam) is coming to Mac, there will be more games with Mac compatibility. Games will run fine on my current (13 inch macbook pro), but they would run seamlessly on the new macbooks! No lag, no delayed log-ins! The 15 and 17 inch models will have the Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, which is AWESOME compared to the intel core 2 duos that they come with now. They will also come with the new NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M discrete graphics processor, the fastest graphics ever in a mac notebook .

The price for the 15inch is $1799 for the 2.4 GHz and $1999 for the 2.53 GHz model and $2,299 (price drop from the previous models) for the 2.53GHz, 17 inch model. I’m not even going to mention the 13 inch, because it didn’t get all of the awesome upgrades…it’s still rockin the core2duo! (Why, apple?! 13 inch macbooks are my fav!)

I can’t afford one and don’t even need a new one, but I’m excited! And I’m sure by the time it’s time for my upgrade, they’ll have even better features.


3 thoughts on “OK!

  1. Ooooh. My Apple Care expires around this time next year, I’m trying to decide if I want to upgrade to a new computer or just upgrade the HD/RAM of my current Macbook at that time. HMMMMMM.

  2. O… M… G.


    screw getting a PC laptop as my gaming laptop, I’ll take this instead!

    I need a mac for my design stuff, but I used it for WoW too so hubby and I could both play at the same time together.

    It’s an almost 6 year old 15″ Powerbook G4 (which has like 2gs of Ram and I upgraded it to the Tiger OS) and runs WoW and everything else I use just fine now that I upgraded the OS, but the part on the inside where the cord plugs into for power only works 50/50 these days and I don’t feel like putting in another $300 into it when it’s not even worth that much… (I already spent $300 on it a year and a half ago to replace the keyboard that had broken keys thanks to too much WoW playing – it was all the directional keys like A, S, D, F, W and E – lol…)

  3. @ray j then this will be perfect for you! Design and WoW (which I just started playing again >.< I can never fully quit! This break was 4 months long before I started again)

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