yerby derby

I ordered my skates today!

A pretty standard skate for rookie derby girls. I’m excited! Can’t wait for them to get here. AND my protective gear-mouth guards, knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, and a metallic blue helmet! You already know I’m going to post pictures of the gear/skates in action when I get them. We’re having a derby picnic next week and official derby practices start in 2 weeks. In preparation for it I’ve been trying to build up my endurance skating at the rink on Friday’s and my little walks/runs are helping me get more in shape.

Speaking of in getting in shape. My working out and counting calories is paying off. Since my birthday(3/20) I’ve lost 10 lbs! woot woot. I’ve been using an app on my iphone called Loseit. You put in your current weight, your desired weight, height, age, all that good stuff and it spits out the number of calories you should not exceed a day to lose either 1, 1.5, or 2 lbs. I’ve tried to count calories before, but never succeeded. It’s so simple with the Loseit app. You can manually enter food and their calorie amount or you can search for the food and it tells you the amount of calories in it. I double check the package of course. You can also add exercise for a specific day and it adds the amount of calories you burn from your daily caloric intake. I’ve been pretty good about staying under my caloric intake except last night. The bf and I went tour neighbors cookout and I didn’t go over my calories because of food. It was those darn pina coladas. Couldn’t just have one :) Anywho, the app is pretty cool and I hope the weight keeps dropping off. I have to be on a beach in a couple of months!


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