updating my list!

I have a couple of things to knock off of my 101 list!

I crossed off the following!
#3 take a road trip
#4 see Niagara Falls
#69 see a film in Imax (alice in wonderland)
#79-start a weekly series on my blog (music monday)

and I got to start working on crossing off a few others
I got to add a state to #1 (travel to 10 states- 2/10)
#48 is to lose 25 lbs. I’ve lost 8 so far!
#41 is to draw a heart in 50 random places-I’ve drawn 3 so far

on the side of a lighthouse on Lake Eerie

in the skypod of the CN tower, 1465ft above Toronto
(don’t worry, it was with eyeliner-not permanent!)

on top of graffiti on a wall in Toronto, Canada

I made a tumblr for my hearts. If you have one, follow it!



6 thoughts on “updating my list!

  1. Oooh we saw Alice in 3D IMAX too – it was sooooo neat! I’m not sure how much the 3D added to the film, but the IMAX was great – everything was so big, I really felt like I was in the film!

  2. 8 lbs is impressive!!! Way to go! And good luck with the rest. I think I’ll be the same weight for – well – forever. lol. But I’m glad other people seem to find success at losing lbs. :)

    btw – the heart idea is so great!!!!

  3. YAY for 8 pounds!! I’m getting back on the ball soon…I keep saying that, but never get back on the ball! LOL

    I think I’ve gained a few pounds, my 8’s are too small & I’m wearing 10s now…prolly soon to be 12s lol!

    Please tell you LOVED Alice in Wonderland in 3D IMAX, I’m debating about going to see if, but I wanted some other people’s opinion on it!

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