I won my first blog giveaway! A $50 gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl via CorrinRenee’s blog, Oh hey, what’s up?.

Weirdly, the day she was to pick the winner’s name I tweeted her, “hey! when are you gonna pick my name to win the gift certificate?” Crazy, eh? Maybe I should do that all the time with blog giveaways…muahahaha.

I loved a lot of the handmade jewelry from The Vintage Pearl, but I can’t choose which one I want! Help me?! I’ve narrowed it down to

the circle chain bracelet with my name engraved on it for meeeeeee


two heart charms with my and my sister’s name engraved on it for my mom (i’d buy a different chain to put them on)

I want to be selfish and get the bracelet, but I think my mom would like the necklace. hmmm!


2 thoughts on “wait…me?!

  1. im leaning towards the necklace for your mom. i think that would be a really sweet gift, and mother’s day will creep up faster than you think :) congrats on the win lol

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