roller derby!

I’ve been waiting to announce the news until I was absolutely, positively, sure about it. And after about a month or so of going back and forth I’ve decided that yes, I am going to do it-I’m going to try out for a roller derby team! It’s been something that I’ve been interested in for awhile, but now I’m finally doing something about it. I’m letting it be more than just a thought…I’m actually going to do it!

I used to be a decent skater back in the day. All of my birthday parties were at skating rinks, I had blades and roller skates. BUUUUUT I haven’t been on a pair since I was about 16 (well, ice skates, but…not counting that). I contacted the people in charge of this areas derby team, expressing my interest and concern about lack of experience and they told me not to worry. A lot of them hadn’t had recent experience on skates when they started either! What a relief! I’m going to an informational meeting in 2 weeks and until then I’m going to roller skate with a couple of other girls trying out (with and without experience), starting tonight!

I’m hoping I’ll get on the skates and everything will come back to me…we shall see.

(in other news I’ve been working at my retail job for a week now. work is… work :)


5 thoughts on “roller derby!

  1. That is SO EXCITING!!! I have a friend who is a Roller Derby Referee and I go watch occasionally – fun fun!! Will you have a different Roller Derby name??

  2. thanks yall!

    @daisy-I will as soon as I can think of one that hasn’t been taken already

    @bari_b-yay! grats. let me know how it goes!

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