couch to 5k

I haven’t heard back from the employers yet! The guy who interviewed me told me he’d get back to me BY Friday (yesterday) about my second interview OR to let me know that he wasn’t interested. I HAVE HEARD NOTHING! :( I’m trying to think positive-“maybe he was busy!” “maybe he will call on Monday”. It’s kind of frustrating. Don’t promise that you’ll contact me by a certain time if you aren’t sure you can do it! *sigh* I did get another job offer. It’s in retail-something I swore I would never do again, but HEY! I need money, so I will gladly take it. And in the meanwhile I’ll keep applying for other jobs. Just this morning I applied for a position as an advertising sales rep for a newspaper, something I did for a few years in college and LOVED. Hoping for the best in all of these situations.

I guess this means I can enjoy Funemployment a little while longer (the hallmark job doesn’t offer very many hours). Reading comics, watching netflix, playing video games, and NOT GOING SHOPPING! Which is probably the thing that annoys me the most. I love shopping and it’s killing me that I can’t go. Especially now that they’re putting all of the new spring clothing out *dies*. I should also take this time to spend more time at the gym or running. It’ll be summer in no time and I have to be in a bathing suit (going to a beach wedding!) . The thought of me in one right now makes me want to barf!

So, with the inspiration of a blog post from Ms. Ebony and the Couch to 5k program, I will be starting a (new?) workout plan! I run/jog occasionally, but it’s very sporadic. With the help of the couch to 5k program which includes podcasts and apps, I’m hoping to be a little less sporadic and follow the program down to a tee! I’ll update you on my first week on Sunday and I’ll start tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “couch to 5k

  1. Aw..hang in there. I’m on the job hunt, too, despite being currently employed…in Afghanistan. :( I can tell you very few people really like e-mailing prospective employees back when they can’t reach them by phone, BUT, I e-mailed a prospective boss directly, and despite my fear of seeming too pushy, I got a pretty positive reply back. Maybe you can call the guy back in a few days.

    It feels a lot like dating…

  2. I would either call or email the person that interviewed you! If you want me to send you some of the follow up emails I use, shoot me an email & I’ll send them over.

    I just secured a job with a large consulting firm that I’ve been wanting to work for & I honestly believe my follow up thank you/confirmation emails paid off!

    How’s C25K going? I ran on Sunday with my mom – finally got her out of the house & back on the track. I’m going running in the morning – sticking to my every other day schedule.

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