I had a great Valentine’s Day with my sweetie. He got me tons of chocolate…seriously, TONS. It will take me about 3 weeks to eat all of this chocolate and I am a chocolate fiend! We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. We cleaned the entire apartment, played some video games, popped open a yummy bottle of wine he bought for me from Germany last fall, and finished Season 1 of Dexter. WOAH! That season was WAY intense. I loved it and am so glad i finally decided to watch it after years of saying, “naaaaah, I won’t like it”. But Dexter will always be gay David Fisher to me!

We’re starting season 2 tomorrow (no spoilers please!). Tomorrow is also 6 months for us! He planned on us celebrating with a fancy schmancy Italian dinner, but I am delaying it. Tomorrow I start the process of braiding my hair and I definitely won’t be finished by tomorrow evening. Perhaps by Wednesday or Thursday. I’ll post pics of my progress.

Oh and ch-ch-changes! If you’re a somewhat longtime reader, you know I dabble in things that some may refer to as geeky, but I refer to as FUCKING AWESOME. World of warcraft, comics, graphic novels, video games-that kind of stuff. Well, I don’t want to turn this into a niche blog, but I’m going to start posting about some of those things a lot more. Hope you don’t mind and if you do, I DON’T CARE!

So, what did you do for Valentine’s Day? Did anyone eat more chocolate than I did? Probably not :P


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