It’s been a year since I started my account at flick-a-day. A site where you chronicle your life one flick every day! I’ve wanted to participate in a picture a day project since the day I watched Noah’s video -which is amazing! He has been working on it for the PAST TEN YEARS! Check out his first 6 years below.

I love watching how he changed over the years. Mine isn’t so dramatic. It’s been a year and I should have 365 pics to show for it, but I only have 213! Sometimes I was without my laptop, out of town, and sometimes I just didn’t feel like it! It’s kind of emotional looking back at the pictures! I get “homesick” when I look back and see flicks from Amsterdam, I feel SICK sick when I look at hungover flicks, and I get all giddy when I see a random flick of me with friends or the kids I used to nanny! In honor of my one year flick-aversary here is the (very short) video of those 213 flicks.

To watch: click the menu button on the top right of the box, drop down to “view flick life movie”, wait a few seconds, then hit the play button!


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