I’m here! Made it to West Virginia Tuesday night after an 11 hour drive with plenty of stops so Peanut could potty. So, far i’m digging it. I’ve been here many times before so it’s not completely foreign to me.

Tomorrow the boyface and I are going to Pittsburgh! Which, besides their airport, is completely foreign to me. I’m excited about seeing a new city and getting to know it. We’re going to the Phipps Conservatory, a nice dinner(it’s our 5 month!), Ikea for some shopping for the apartment, and H&M for shopping for me! I’m WAY too excited about the latter two. We don’t have either of the two in the Memphis area, so I haven’t been to an Ikea or and H&M since I lived in Holland.


That’s my excitement ^_^


5 thoughts on “stings

  1. Aww, you should have a lot of fun. Pittsburgh, is a nice place too, lot’s of history, so when I’m there usually hit some of the spots.

    congrats on the 5 month anniversary. :)

  2. @kizzy Well, this whole thing is sort of a trial thing. We definitely aren’t sure if we can get a place together yet. At the moment, we are living in his apartment and if things go well for the next few months we will move into a new, BIGGER (thank goodness) one.

    I have pics on flickr!

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