My city has been going CRAZY for the last couple of days about a “snow storm”. The grocery stores have been packed with people stocking up for this “snow storm”. The weatherman said 1-2 inches…I don’t even think it’s an inch outside! Some schools are out today and the schools that aren’t out have been calling into the local news station complaining that they aren’t out!

Excuse me?! This is hardly snow. I was so disappointed when I woke up. I was looking forward to some snow. :( I didn’t expect a lot, but sheesh, I expected to not be able to see the grass poking up! I shouldn’t be surprised. This is the south and that ^^ is how we roll, when it comes to snow. Ah, well, I should stop complaining. Next week this time, I’ll be living with the boyfriend in a place that is getting 6-8 inches just today. I’m sure after being excited about the snow for a few days I’ll be wishing for this “snow storm” then. Peanut did better than I expected. He hates being wet so I assumed he would do his business and hide under the car as he does in the rain. Wrong! Instead he was really curious. He kept licking and sniffing the snow. It was really cute! I don’t have a pic of him outside, but here’s a cute pic I have to share! He was laying on my pillow this morning. Normally, I would’ve pushed him aside, but he looked so adorable I didn’t even dare.


9 thoughts on “snow…sorta

  1. Oh mu gosh. you’re little peanut looks just like my Rilee. I call her peanut sometimes too. Sorry you didn’t get more snow. It was alllll ice here this morning. blah. My normal 25 minute commute took an hour and a half! Stay warm!!

  2. Haha, reminds me of the snow “storms” that we used to freak out about here in Seattle…until we had a couple of true(ly horrible) ones. Now a couple of inches OR NONE suits us (and by us I mean me) just fine!

  3. snowstorms can be fun, sometimes. i’m still waiting for the chance to throw snowballs (i was trapped inside, then rushing around after the east coast snowpocalypse)

    ps – peanut looks like he should be wearing glasses and reading tolstoy. so cute

  4. LOL We got “snow” in Atlanta but it melted by Friday morning or something like that. I guess there was some accumulation in some spots, but not much. You know how we roll in the South – prediction of snow, OMG everyone run out and buy every ounce of water, can foods, tissue, all that good stuff cause were going to be stuck in the house for the next 5 years! LOL

  5. HAHA! yeah that’s definitely not snow!! And wow I’m so behind in my reading!! So you should be in your new place by now?? I read in the other post that you did some shopping at IKEA – fun!!! and did you get the snuggie for peanut?

    I’m so happy for you and your boyfriend!!! YAY!!! so exciting!!!

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