I got a blog award! From two bloggers! Goooooo, me!
Happy 101 Award

I was awarded my award from Ms. EbonyJewel of one of my everday blog reads, Seize the Moments. It’s always nice to get an award from one your favorites. And from one of my new blog finds, The Taylor Made Wife over at Confess My Issues. Thanks ladies!

To accept the award I have to!

List 10 things that make me happy, try to do at least one of them today, and tag 10 bloggers that brighten my day. For those 10 bloggers, you must also link back to my post!

10 things that make me happy:


Yarn Shops

My boyfriend

Cinnamon Toast Crunch
All of my friends spread across the globe! (my online friends too!)




And 10 bloggers that brighten my day are!

A Flamingo in Utrecht
Those Girls Are Wild
Seven Brights
Australian Daisy
Classy not Trashy
Kizzy Online
Breathing up the Oxygen
Your Best Friend


4 thoughts on “*bows*

  1. Thank you for including me in this! It brightened MY day! I’ve been meaning to thank you since you posted, but I’ve been such a slacker these past few days. I’m trying to start the new year off by getting caught up.

    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

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