lust for life

My boyfriend left today :( He drove down 11 hours to spend a couple of days with me. Too short as always, but it was great. Long distance blows. I’m going up for an open ended visit in a couple of weeks. I’m not calling it a move, because I may hate him/his city in a month anddddd because my mom would freak out. So an open ended visit is what it shall be. I am hoping for the best, but I’m also being logical. I know things don’t always work out or last forever.

In other news, I have not done any Christmas shopping. My procrastinating way will be the end of me, I’m sure. :/


4 thoughts on “lust for life

  1. long distance does suck. i should know. be strong. =) we always have PNH beer <3

    ive not done muc shopping either, im doing it all tues and wed in the early afternoon before work. youre welcome to join!


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