Inspired by a friend, I re-activated my netflix last week. What a super idea. I can finally watch all the tv series I’ve said I would always watch and catch up on movies. So far I’ve watched season one of The Tudors-absolutely love it and can’t wait to watch the next seasons, Generation Killl-which I admit I only got interested in when I found out hottie Alexander Skarsgard(click the link to see how dreamy he is, if you don’t know who I’m talking about!) stars in it, but I stayed because the series is really good. Hilarious and full of action…and hotties :) Next on my list is The Big Bang Theory and I really need to catch up with How I Met Your Mother.

I went thriftin for the first time in ages yesterday. I got some super stuff, that I want to share with y’all.

I found 3 wooden boxes covered in floral carvings and with a velvet lining in the inside. For now I’m using them to hold my jewelry.

I also, with the help of my twitter friends, picked up this ADORABLE suitcase!

Love it!

I also got a practically new, knee length, black dress, but it’s in the cleaners now. I’ll post a pic whenever I wear it.


5 thoughts on “

  1. lovely stuff you got yourself! those boxes are beautiful :)
    Never heard of generation kill but will be checking it out.
    Alexander Skarsgard is soo Swedish in appearance it’s hilarious, but he’s an awesome actor (can’t wait for true blood to start up again!)

  2. I am in freakin love with the Goin To Grandma’s suitcase! That is the most adorable suitcase I have ever seen! Every time I go to our thrift store I find…..drum roll please…NOTHING! LOL So I stopped going!

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