one year

Thanksgiving marks Macauly’s one year birthday! It’s been a year since Macauly came in to my life to replace Mac-y Poo (R.I.P. ibook g4!). Macauly, if you haven’t figured it out, is my macbook pro. Normally I wouldn’t remember such a date as a computer’s birthday, but it’s also the deadline to buy Applecare so I kind of have it engrained in my mind. Anyway, for his birthday I decided I would buy him in addition to AppleCare, a decal! I’ve come across some really cool decals on Etsy. I haven’t decided on which one, but here are the one’s I’m choosing between.

Aren’t they cool?! I’m really digging the Evil Princess one.


4 thoughts on “one year

  1. YES the snow white one is the way to go, although i could see you getting the girlie tree flower thing one. but i think you should get the snow white one. yesh. do it.

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