Forgot to blog yesterday. Whoops! I’m already failing at NaBloPoMo. Ah well, I’ll keep on anyway. Im also adding another goal to my November. Im abstaining from sodas for this month! I’ve cut my soda intake dramatically in the last couple of months so it hasn’t been too hard. In fact, not hard at all. Yesterday, I stayed home from work. I wasn’t feeling too well *cough*. I layed in bed for a couple of hours just watching tv and falling in and out of sleep. The afternoon was sorta productive. I took Peanut to the vet to get some more Frontline and to get his nails trimmed. His nails grow at an alarming speed! I usually know it’s cutting time when he starts ripping my tights when he jumps on my lap. I went to see the movie “couples retreat”. I reallllly wanted to see it. I usually love anything that Vince Vaughn is in. Not that this time. It had it’s moments that made me crack up but mostly it was blah. I spent part of the movie nodding off and playing facebook scrabble.

Work is…work. I actually won a prize the other day! I was the teacher with the most ‘apples’! At work we have these sheets that are called ‘apples’ due to the apple on the header. You can give the apple to a coworker or boss for helping out, doing a favor, going an extra mile, etc. I’m not sure how many I actually received but it was a lot and I am the apple winner! Woot! People like me! Haha. The prize is 40 bucks and the best parking space in the lot.

The boyface and I are doing well! Talking for hours every day until we see each other again (2.5 weeks!). Can’t wait!


One thought on “Sheesh!

  1. Yay for apples. :)

    And great goal to cut out soda. I did that awhile ago – never went back. :) (though I do have slurpees now – does that count??)

    Oh and I didn’t like couples retreat all that much either.

    the guy I was with totally dug it – he walked out and was like, “I think I should put more effort into my relationships.” I walked out and thought, “Omgosh – way too many people get married that really shouldn’t be married.”

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