I’m really nervous about today. I could have a really stressful day or a relaxed day. Department of Human Services is coming to assess my preschool. Out of all of the classes in the preschool they draw out of a hat 4 names of classrooms that they will assess. They will he shadows in those classrooms. Following your every step, making sure you follow every rule in the book. NO One follows every rule in the book. Some of the rules are just plain ridiculous. But today we will. We will wash both our hands and the child’s hands before and after we wipe their nose, we will disinfect any toy or item that gets sneezed on or licked-immediately, we will place mats at least 4 inches away from other mats, we will not tell the kids to do anything, but suggest it just like the book says and tons of other stuff we never do.

I hope my class doesn’t get picked. I don’t work well under pressure and I’m sure I’ll forget to do something “by the book” with people observing me.


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