Brrr! It’s getting chilly out! It’s about 50 degrees in the morning, which makes walking Peanut a drag. I’ve gotten to the point where I just send him outside and call him in 10 minutes later. Luckily, it doesn’t stay chilly all day. The high for today is 72 degrees. Perfect weather, in my opinion!

So I just got back from a trip to visit the boyface. I flew in last Wednesday and flew out on Sunday. Too short, in my opinion, but I had a lovely time. We spent a lot of time in his apartment getting to know each other. We know each other fairly well emotionally since the majority of our relationship is phone calls and skype calls. So, it was just getting to know each other physically. I’m not talking about sexy time ( though there was plenty of that!), but learning each others mannerisms, seeing how the other reacts to things, habits, stuff you can’t see on skype. We watched movies, i showed him episodes of my favorite shows, introduced him to my music!, played video games, carved pumpkins together, cooked together- we were one of those couples that I ususually make me gag when I hear about the stuff they do.

we carved tall-nut from Plants V zombies!

we carved tall-nut from Plants V zombies!

I know it doesn’t sound like it, but we did manage to leave the apartment. He took me on a tour of his town(it’s so teeny), went shopping, went out, OH! and I met his parents. Yup! I met the parentals. I was really nervous about meeting them. I had my preconceptions about an older white couple living in a rural town. I was convinced they wouldn’t accept me or would be rude. I was so wrong. They were friendly, happy for both of us and just good people. We spent a little while hanging out with them and his Dad gave me a tour of their farm. (Lol yes! A farm) I had a great visit and as you can guess a terrible time saying goodbye. I fell more for him and he fell more for me. We’re seeing each other in a couple of weeks. And then a couple of weeks after that! and then again a couple of weeks after that! and *gasp* he asked me to (if everything continues to go well) move in with him in January! Crazy right? Even crazier is I’m considering it. :)


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