for the first time ever in a relationship, I feel vulnerable


A part of me is saying, “back off while you can! before you get hurt!”

but another side is saying, “don’t even worry about the outcome. Just go with it-let yourself go and enjoy it”

arghh!!!!!!! I just want things to work out


2 thoughts on “(hormones)

  1. It’ll work out just fine. The gamble is part of the most exciting aspect of a new relationship.

    Fortunately for you, you don’t ever have to worry about a lack of interest from the opposite sex!

  2. I’m definitely not one to give much advice in this area considering I ALWAYS RUN!!!! However – I TRY to live my life with passion and when I love – I love deeply. It means I get hurt often – but it also means I experience a lot of fun.

    Sometimes – even if the ending sucks – the book is worth reading. I just recently read a book and ended up not reading the last 30 pages – it started to suck. I enjoyed the rest of it though – and I’m glad I read the first 270.

    If you are having fun – stick with it. The risk is often worth the reward – even if the reward is just a lesson learned.

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