doubting thomas

Hey friends! it’s been awhile. But I have an excuse! I’ve been busy. Working 40 hours a week+tutoring on the side+being awake at weird hours means I don’t blog as much as I’d like to. Who am I kidding? even when I wasn’t this busy I didn’t blog regularly!

I don’t want to bore you with a long post about my last week and a half so here’s the abridged short list version.

I’ve been having really LOOOOOONG days at work
and tutoring afterwards a couple of days a week
was in the hospital and out of work for a couple of days last week
returned to work this week to 100% better
bought some cowboy boots from DSW!!!
took a small unexpected trip to Nashville last weekend
got my hair braided
got a flu shot, bought some new comics, hung out with Allison and some old friends, dealt with a fire at work today! (craaaazy!) and basically just been chilling ^_^

I resurrected my Tumblr. Yes, yes, yet another site from me! ^_^ Ive had it for awhile, but haven’t been active on it lately. I think that will change now that I downloaded the iPhone app, Tumblerette. (everything is so much easier to do/remember with the iPhone) So, check it out! It’s mostly random pictures I snag from online, snap on my iphone and sometimes songs that I think the world should hear.

(still off the warcrack)


2 thoughts on “doubting thomas

  1. thanks Daisy. And yea, everything was ok at the end. It was just really stressful! It happened during naptime so we had to wake the kids and drag them out of the building. was a site for sure! The kids were reaaaaally cranky for the rest of the day

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