p and j

Arghhhh! I’ve been shopping for a car for 2 weeks now to no avail! Car shopping is so stressful. I went to some dealerships this weekend and found nothing that I like. Well, I did see a Volvo that I fancy, but it doesn’t come with warranty and I definitely need one. The salesman at one of the dealerships told me that I was being very picky. Uhh, of course I’m being picky! It’s not a pair of jeans! It’s a car that I’ll be investing a lot of money into! Excuse me for wanting something I actually like. He took my number and told me he’d call this week because he’s getting something he thinks I’d love. By now he knows what I love and what I hate so he may have hit the jackpot! or at least that’s what I’m hoping for. :/

Work, work, work. It’s going well! Know how I’ve been constantly complaining about the kids being too young for my liking?! Well, I’ve had a change of heart and these mini people have sure grown on me. At first, I thought it was terrible that they are such noobs at life and don’t really know how to do anything, but now I find it exciting! I’ve only been working for 3.5 weeks now and I’ve heard 1 year olds say words for the first time, seen them drink out of a cup for the first time, use utensils! Its crazy how far they’ve come in just weeks! I look forward to seeing them age during this year. Even though I am dreading potty training. *puke* Speaking of potty training. A kid from one of the older classes ( who should be potty trained) had an accident outside yesterday. It was really hilarious/disgusting. A few classes, including mine, were out on the playground. After hearing screams, we( the teachers) looked over to see a kid with her pants/undies down around her ankles screaming that she’s wet. That’s normal. No one was too worried about it and her teacher went to get her to take her in for clean up when suddenly out pops two huge turds! It was soooooo disgusting and unexpected! She was just standing there. No squatting, no nothing, just poop on the ground.

My macbook is being weird. For whatever reason, my p and j keys aren’t working. Taking it to the Genius Bar when I can and crossing my fingers that the problem is covered under applecare. Until then its copy and pasting for me!


5 thoughts on “p and j

  1. car shopping IS the worst. I will have to do it again when I get back to the states and am ALREADY not looking forward to it. hopefully that dude is getting in the perfect car for you :) *fingers crossed*

    GROSS STORY – but lol. Glad I didn’t have to clean it up!

    And YAY for boyfriends!!! (for other people that is – not for me!) I think it’s so cute that you two have this blossoming romance and want to talk to each other every day!!!

    my computer is on the fritz too – I think it’s the weather change. ;)

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