worst first date!!!!

SO yesterday on the way to work I heard an interesting story on the radio. It was, in my opinion, the worst first date in the history of the world!!!!

Terrance Dejuan McCoy, 23, met his 27-year-old date at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Ferndale, Mich., according to The Daily Tribune.

At the end of dinner, McCoy — who told the woman his name was ‘Chris’ — allegedly said he left his wallet in her car and went to get it.

‘She gave him her keys and he went out the door,’ Ferndale Police Det.-Sgt. Patrick Jones told the Michigan-based paper.

‘From where she was sitting, she saw him get in her car and he drove off at a high rate of speed.'”

I know it’s awful, but I laughed. How terrible!? I can’t believe he stole her car!

I tryed to rack my brain to think of my worst first date and I can’t think of one. I’ve generally had awesome first dates. Oh, oh oh! There was this one guy who I nicknamed “chapstick guy” because of our first date. The date wasn’t that bad, but he was just odd. We went out to dinner and to a concert. I guess he was feeling sparks at dinner or maybe the music inspired him to do so, but he was constantly trying to hold my hand at the concert. I couldn’t believe it! This was the first time we were hanging out and he was trying to hold my hand. I don’t even do that very often with guys I date! I allowed him let him hold it for about 4 seconds then I took it away. But he grabbed it again! This repeated a couple of times. I finally started using the excuse that I needed to put chapstick on so I can have a reason for him to NOT hold my hand. I reapplied and reapplied all night. hahha. Not such a bad first date, but it was really annoying. What about YOU!? Tell me about your worst first date!


2 thoughts on “worst first date!!!!

  1. oopie!! I totally laughed too. Hmm – bad first dates … I think my worst one wasn’t because of what we did but because the dude was a total creep-o. He kept asking me questions about my socio-economic status and how my parents chose to discipline me as a child. Umm – yeah – I started texting “emergency” texts and used some dumb excuse to cut the date short – he walked me to my car – asked me out on TWO MORE DATES and then when I said I wasn’t interested he wrote me a scathing FB message about how he’s going to “put me on the shelf” where I belong. HAHAHAHAHAHA! gotta love first dates!!

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