Hump day!

Woah! Wednesday already. This week has flown by so fast. Hope it continues because I am exhausted and want to sleep all weekend…even though I probably won’t.

I saw Inglorious Bastards last night. I hadn’t even heard of it before this week, then all of a sudden everyone was yapping about it and raving about how great it is. I saw it and wasn’t disappointed! I liked it a lot. I thought the dialogue dragged on at parts, but it’s still a good movie with a great story line. (You know how I love films surrounding WWII) I definitely recommend seeing it. Brad Pitt and the actor that played Colonel Landa were amazing as their characters. So, yea…go see it!

It’s finally starting to cool down here. This morning it was even chilly enough to wear a jacket when Peanut and I went for a walk. Fall is my favorite season so I’m hoping the weather sticks like this and kick starts the season. But knowing our screwy weather, this could just be a tease and next week we’ll go back to 98 degrees. Here’s hoping that’s not the case. *crosses fingers* I start classes on Monday. I switched them to online classes instead of actual classes because the times conflicted with my work schedule. Let’s hope I can not be distracted by WoW, Twitter, and whatever else.


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