beep beep

Love that song, the video, and Mick’s suit.

I had a pleasant weekend. The bf wanted to come down to visit again, but I said no. As much as I did enjoy spending time with him and as much as I know I’ll be wanting to see him while he’s abroad, I wanted even more to have the weekend to myself to just chill. What can I say? I like my free time. After a week of working and the previous weekend full of entertaining/hanging with him, I just wanted to chill out-do some cleaning, run some errands, get my hair done, mail things off, go to the bank, napping during the day, shopping! ..things I can’t do during the week because of work. I did all of the above and definitely enjoyed the weekend and I feel refreshed for work this week. ^_^ So, mission accomplished. And even though I miss him, I don’t regret not seeing him this weekend.

I bought an iPhone! I’ve wanted one for ages, but couldn’t afford to get one AND a new contract until now. (Yay employment!) Im really digging it. I do however need more applications. I have some twitter apps, wordpress, facebook, some games, even a WoW app but i want more! So, If you’re an Iphone user or just know of any cool apps, let me know!!!!

I started my quest to find a car this weekend! It’s so stressful. I’m torn between buying a used car in cash or a nicer used car from a dealership and having a payment plan. The latter doesn’t attract me at all. Not really to keen on having a bill, but Im sure the car would be more reliable. Stressful! I did find a really cute used car I could buy in cash. It’s a PURPLE saturn wagon. hahaha!
A mom car! I drove it around and I like it…especially the color, but my mom says I need to be patient and look at other cars and blah blah. But I am not a patient girl, I just want to get that one and be done. This whole process is stressing me out and I want it to be over and done!


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