This week I was lucky enough to have Devynn , my old flat mate from Amsterdam , come visit! She and her friend Emily were taking road trip from Michigan to Texas and guess who’s right smack dab in the middle? ME! So they stopped to visit for 2 days. It was nice seeing Devynn again and meeting her bff Detroit Emily who I’ve ALWAYS heard about in stories, but never had the chance to meet. Didn’t get to show them around, but they got to see/experience Memphis Bar-B-Que and our famous Beale St, which they definitely left an impression on. And I hope it made an impression on them. ^_^

Oh and guess what else happened this week? I got a job at the pre-school! I interviewed and applied for the pre-k teacher position, but was offered the 2-year old class. Not really my preferred age group, but hey! Unemployed, broke, girls that are saving for moving out and holidays and are in no position to be choosey. I start as soon as I get my fingerprints and background checks finished, which will probably be this week sometime. I’m excited about having something to fill my days and wallet with! I’m a little bit worried about how I will handle the stress of school (starts at the end of the month!) and an 8-5 every week day job…

Ah well. I’ll tackle that when it comes up.


5 thoughts on “coffee

  1. Congrats on the job!

    You’re making me jealous with the talk of bar-b-que. We perfected a recipe for ribs before we moved here, but haven’t had them since. We bought a grill this year, but it’s been raining too much to use it.

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