mushi mushi

remember how I said I was going to go drop my resume off at some retails hops? yea, I never did it, BUT I did go to an interview for a pre-k teacher position and guess what! I got called back for a second interview. Hopefully it’s the one where they say “YOU ARE AWESOME! TAKE THIS JOB!” It’s tomorrow, so we shall see. I also got a heads up for another position at a non profit. I’ll get more information about that tomorrow.

Unemployment allows me so much free time. I know I complain about it sometime, but gosh darn it I’m going to miss it. This week I’ve been a crafty Pinkie! I’m working on a scarf for my friend in Australia. Hopefully I’ll finish it today or tomorrow. I need to send it soon because her winter is almost over! (oh yea…surprise! You’re getting a scarf in the mail soon! I know you’re going to read this. haha) I’ve also been working on a set of pillowcases for a friend. I’ll post pictures of everything when they’re done. Well, not the scarf until the receiver receives it.

Also, been playing a lot of World of Warcraft. I’ve been focusing more on my alts (alternate characters) than my main. My mage is now a level 53! and I finally moved my warlock back to the server (I transferred it about a half a year ago) and started officially leveling her yesterday. She’s 71…for now! ^_^

Guys, promise me you won’t allow me to have more than 3 level 80s. I never thought I would even come close to having 3! o.O eeek!


5 thoughts on “mushi mushi

  1. @ lindsay December! No exact [plans for now, but I’ll be in Melbourne for the majority of my time there. Also, want to visit Sydney and Cairns!

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