these magic beans are useless

My 3 week stint as a “merchkin” (Wicked merch girl) ended on Sunday. I miss it already. It was a really easy job with great perks and pay. As the weeks went on, I did get annoyed with the songs and thought I’d never want to hear them again. BUT here I am only days later, singing and humming the songs. Particularly this one

I wish there was footage of the actors that played in my tour! They were more comedic and I actually prefer them to the NYC cast. Maybe I’m biased…

The Complete Persepolis

I got two new graphic novels yesterday! Stuck in the Middle, a collection of seventeen comics from an unpleasant age, and the one I’m really excited about reading, Persepolis! Persepolis is an autobiographical graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi depicting her childhood in Iran during and after the revolution. It’s also been made into a movie of the same name and has won a few awards. I plan on watching it as soon as I finish reading it. And I’ll get to that as soon as I finish reading Twilight. I had to pause my Twilight reading to re-read Harry Potter book 6. Now that that’s over I can continue to fall for Edward Cullen.


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