I went to see The Half Blood Prince today! It was awesome. If you don’t know, I’m a huge fan of the books as well as the movies. True, true. Some of the movies have been completely lame, but for the most part I’ve liked them. I love seeing my favorite reads come to life. Even if they do differ from the book. The Half Blood Prince definitely strayed from the book, but I still enjoyed it and I’ll probably see it again. I used the movie poster(above) with Draco Malfoy because I really loved him in this movie (and the book). Half Blood Prince, both movie and book, showed the true depth of his character. And ummm, he’s grown up a lot since the first movies and he is looking rather attractive. ;)

I do have something to complain about. My experience wasn’t completely magical! Besides the first movie (though I did dress up for the first! My friends and I even made little wands! I wish I had pics!), I’ve seen every movie at midnight and I expected this time to be no different. But it was. :( I purchased the tickets two days in advance to assure that I would get to see it at midnight. I THOUGHT I ordered them for Majestic theatre, but upon arrival I realized that I screwed up and ordered tickets for a DIFFERENT theatre. Jeremy and I had to drive back across town to another theatre (paradiso) that we assumed I bought the tickets to. Fortunately, we were right. We grabbed our tickets and went to sit in our theatre only to find it was full…WTF?! Apparently a pre-ordered ticket doesn’t guarantee you a seat. So, we left and I wasted $22.

But I will not go down so easily! I called to complain about it and the manager called me back and left a voicemail. I’m going to talk to him tomorrow and hopefully get my refund or some movie passes. That whole situation is ridiculous and I deserve my money back.


2 thoughts on “woah

  1. I am soooo with ya sister…(he is REALLY attractive) ;) and always the best….even though his role is shoter than it is supposed to be (they missed a lot of his scenes!!!) and the bathroom scene was short….i didnt get to cry for long (yes.i cried) :.)

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