better late than never


I didn’t cry when I first heard the news. In fact, I didn’t even believe it. I was selling merch during intermission when a little girl told her mom, “Michael Jackson is dead. Mary Beth just sent me a text” The mom and I both looked at each other with eyes of skepticisim. Her mom assured me that “Mary beth don’t know nothing, and it couldn’t possibly be true” . During after show sales many more people were at the register talking of his death. I still thought it was a silly internet rumor until I got home that night and found out from every news station.

It broke my heart to find out it was reality. I know I didn’t know him personally and it seems a bit ridiculous even to me that I am so upset by it, but I am. My mom grew up watching him and dancing along to he and his brothers during the 60s. And as a child of the 80s I grew up listening /watching him during his solo years. We LOVED MJ. Nina(my sister) and I especially. I remember a time when it seemed like we only had 2 VHS’s. We alternated between watching 2 videos- A VHS with a Paul Simon Africa concert and Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. He was a great performer (with a shady past. I’m not overlooking that) who will definitely be missed. Another person being missed in my life, especially today, is my little cousin. He would’ve been 21 today, but was murdered in October. I miss him like crazy and thought about him all day. Happy Birthday and R.I.P. C.J.

Work is good. I’ve seen the show about 5 times now. I’m not even a fan of musicals and I really enjoyed it. If you get a chance to see Wicked, see it! It’s really good.

I have nothing more to say. Everything is well in my world and I hope in yours as well


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