My first day went well! I had orientation for about an hour and then I was thrown right into working. The orientation included learning the products we are selling, folding, how to organize them, counting the booth, credit card machines, just everything that comes along with selling the wicked merchandise. I was the only noob there. The other people were seasoned merch. A couple of them enjoyed working the show so much in the last city, that they drove down to work this one for 3 more weeks. Luckily I was paired with one of them. Me and another girl worked the FIRST booth you see when you enter the theatre. Last night was opening night. It was crazy! Well, not crazy, but for my first time I was a bit overwhelmed. But it was the fun kind of overwhelming. Sold a ton of overpriced crap that I would never buy. We sell for about 30 minutes before the show, 20 minutes during intermission and about 30 minutes after the show. The rest of the time, we are just hanging out. I get more breaks than I actually work and I get paid for it. Score! The theatre is located downtown so I spent yesterday’s breaks walking around on the phone. I know I give Memphis a lot of shit sometimes, but downtown is really pretty.

I’m off to get ready! Working two shows today


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