Guys! I got a job! *dance* A temporary job, but a job nonetheless! I will be working for Wicked, the musical while it’s in town. Hopefully I’ll get to see the show too! I’ve been meaning to read the books for years now, but never got around to it. I do however know the songs- thanks to former co-workers playing the soundtrack ALL THE TIME when I worked for the newspaper. I have a sort of uniform. In addition to shirts they will provide me with, I have to wear pants/jeans. Weird! I haven’t worn jeans in a looong time. My wardrobe consists of skirts, dresses, cords, slacks, and khakis! I had 2 pair of jeans in the last year, but I rarely wore them and guess what?! I tossed them when I was moving back to the states-I figured I didn’t wear them(and I couldn’t fit everything into 2 suitcases), so why not? Little did I know, I would need them now. Oh well, gave me an excuse to go shopping. I went only for a pair of jeans, and came back with a pair of jeans, some cuuute black mary janes, undies, new sunglasses, and a top. ^_^ I can never just get what I go in for.

In other news, I have decided that I will install windows on Macauly (my mac) at the end of the summer. I’m not a fan of windows operating systems, but I am a fan of gaming! And i’m sick and tired of games I’m interested in playing being released only for windows platforms! bleh! Instead of missing out this time, I will install windows. The game I dont want to miss out on? Aion-The Tower of Eternity ! It’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game by NCsoft similar to their other games, Lineage and Guild Wars. Oh and also similar to a game I talk about far too much-Blizzard produced, World of Warcraft. ^_^ Today NCsoft announced that Aion would be released in September. After reading about it, seeing the screenshots (Holy crap the graphics are awesome), and reading reviews of the beta players, I am excited and can’t wait. aionlaunch


3 thoughts on “score!

  1. That’s awesome, congrats! I really enjoyed Wicked (saw it on Broadway), but I must admit I just could NOT get into the book. I’m usually one for reading the book first, but it just took too long to get going. Let us know if you actually read the books!

  2. I’m looking at joining FreeRealms so my girl and I have a game to play together online. I’m going to take a look-see at this Aion though…

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