Friday evening

I’m in the middle of a thunderstorm. It just knocked the power out in my neighborhood. So, I’m writing this in stickies! Besides the absence of power, I love thunderstorms. I love watching them, hearing the thunder, hearing the rain against the ground, seeing the rain being blown all kinds of ways, the wind blowing the trees…LOVE IT! Whenever I talk of my love for thunderstorms, my mom tells the story of how her water broke and she was rushed to the hospital to have me during a terrible thunderstorm.

That’s footage from the storm.

I went to the doctor today about my panic attacks. I thought he would just write me a prescription for some xanax and send me happily on my way home, but he didn’t. He thinks I may have a panic disorder and ADHD. I have an appointment with a more specialized psych guy in a couple of weeks. I’ll keep you guys updated because I know you’re dying to know…not

Anyway, since I have NOTHING else to do. I organized my photos and went through videos on my computer. I found some funny SHAREABLE videos. There are plenty funny non-shareable ones, but I think my friends would murder me if I posted them (I’m looking at you, emily and devynn! from devnn’s last night at belushi’s!). So, here are two shareable ones.

wtfkitty? On vacation in Florence, Italy I spied with my little eye a cat in a canal!

I went on vacation with my Dutch family. One morning while I was taking a shower, one of the kids found my camera and made a bunch of videos. I found this one of the youngest jumping on my brand new macbook (at the time!)

ok, off to eat the melting ice cream. ^_^

Saturday morning

We are still without power! It sucks! What have I been doing? Well, my mom and I used the last 2 hours of power my macbook battery had to watch episodes of Arrested Development and one of Katt William’s dvds. He is hilarious. After it died, I was completely bored. We live outside of Memphis in a semi-rural area. When the sun sets and there are no street lights you see nothing! We lit candles, got a bottle of wine and listened to my battery operated hello kitty radio! It’s very important that you know that it was Hello Kitty. That only lasted for a little while as I had enough of that music and my mom. I chugged enough wine to get me as drunk as possible. My mom cut me off so I only got a bit tipsy. No worries. It was enough to knock me out for a few hours. I woke up at 3 am bored as hell. I couldn’t read *note to self-invest in a book light* so I just layed in bed staring at the walls. I eventually got up and took some pills that knocked me out until this morning. I’m happy to report that there were only 2 accidents in our house. 1-When the refridgerator defrosted it created a huge puddle of water on the floor. I discovered the hard way. I slipped and fell bruising my ankle. 2-The second accident happened last night. One of the candles burned the candle holder and it was in flames for about a minute and ash was everywhere! Now we’re having lunch at Mcdonald’s. Everyone else had the same idea because it is crowded. Unfortunately, this Mcd’s has no wireless so I am still posting from stickies! Alright, my mom and I are going to watch Weeds and then we are off to her cousin’s house. He still has power!



3 thoughts on “power-less

  1. I heart your new blog layout. And I hearted your last blog layout. You’re like a blog-style guru!!!

    I hope the kitty was ok!!

    So when I was watching that CRAZY thunderstorm (I swear that lightning looked like it hit your street! crazy) there happened to be a bunch of weird-o noises coming from the back room of my house – it was fan-freaky-tastic.

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