I quit my job. I know, I know, “the economy is so shitty right now” and I “should be so blessed to have a job”, blah, blah, blah. The job was not for me. I thought I would like it, because I’m good at it and it pays well. But wrong! I…just didn’t like it. It was very stressful and that’s not what I want right now. So, I’m on the hunt for a new job again.

And I know it probably seems like a stupid move, but I really am a lot happier without that extra stress.


5 thoughts on “quit

  1. Not a stupid act whatsoever! I did the same thing when I got to Melbourne – had a job and quit. Seems crazy to some in a recession, but honestly, if you’re not happy you shouldn’t stick with it (if you don’t need to). I’m glad you made the move that was right for you!

  2. I’m not judging!

    If you know from the start that it’s not for you, then you’ve probably done the right thing! Who needs stress anyway!?

    I’ve quit two jobs in the last five years…

    You’ll find something better!

  3. YAY for you!! it takes courage to do what is best for yourself – especially when you know other people may not agree or will judge.

    Enjoy sleeping in while you can! I’m sure a much better job will be right around the corner. :)

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  5. No worries.

    I don’t buy into that “You should just be happy to HAVE a job” crap. No you shouldn’t! Why should you have to settle?

    I got laid off, but I don’t even care. I hated my job with a passion and I have it much better off than my friends who are still there with more work, more stress, and now they hate their jobs enough more. I made out like a bandit!

    Best wishes to you for finding the job of your dreams!

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