My first week as an advertising sales rep was alright. I didn’t trip and fall in my heels! score! I wasn’t actually a sales rep yet as I was in training all week. So, far I’ve learned a lot. How to sell effectively, Do’s and Don’t of selling, the demographic our publication targets, and tons more information about our publication. Seating is everything when you have a week of training. I picked the worst seat ever! We’re on the 25th floor of a building and it has a great view, but of course I picked the seat facing away from it and closest to my boss. I had to sit there ALL WEEK. Ok, it was a short week because Memorial day was Monday aaaaaaaand I wasn’t feeling well on Friday so I called in and went to the doctor.

Tomorrow I start selling! Well, I probably won’t go any sales calls, but I will probably arrange some. I’m going to dedicate the day to calling the prospects (I prospected about 42 businesses that I think would benefit from advertising with us) and setting up appointments.

It is so hot in Memphis. I woke up on Saturday morning to take Peanut out for a walk, put my hand on the doorknob of the storm door and yelled! The doorknob was was so hot. Outside was even hotter. It was only 85 degrees (29 degrees euro peeps!), but it’s so humid here that it felt like I was going to die. I once read on a blog that “Memphis has the highest humidity rate in the world, perhaps the universe. Rain forests are less humid than Memphis.” I dunno about that, but it is flippin hot. Tomorrow is supposed to get up to 95. HALP! : /

It’s not even summer yet!


7 thoughts on “humidity

  1. Sounds like a good start! I’m curious to know what kind of product you’ll be selling (you don’t have to say the name of the company of course!)

    I used to have anxiety attacks (in my pre-Marston time). It was pretty scary. It went away by itself though, haven’t had one in years. Hopefully this is what you have and it’s just stress! Will you be actually visiting a doctor? :-D

    Thanks for the update! ;-)

  2. I grew up in Memphis, so I can relate. Every time I go home with my wife, she always gets so angry. She will leave the house perfectly coiffed, but by twelve noon, she has a big fluffy, frizzy afro.

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