Tomorrow is my first day of work as Pinkie, the advertising sales rep! I’m kind of nervous! This is my first “grown-up” job in a couple of years. My last couple of jobs have been sort of non-traditional. Allowing naps during the day, drinking on the job, playing in photo booth with Devynn, days in the park, go-kart racing…pretty chill stuff. My outfits consisted of jumper dresses, mini skirts, and heck, even pajamas sometimes! Tomorrow I’m dusting off the heels* (dear god, help me) and actually ironing my outfit-a cute knee length wrap dress.

Wish me luck!!

*How many times do you think I’ll fall or almost fall in my heels? hehe


6 thoughts on “tomorrow

  1. Good luck! I’m insanely jealous. I’m itching for one of those “real jobs” but have been under too much anxiety to start with the follow through. Hopefully soon!

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