the magnificent seven

I am sooooo bored! I can’t wait to start work and school soon. Hmph! Never thought I would say those words!

Out of boredom, I decided to perform my own “Where are they now?” on the magnificent 7.

Remember them? The 7 American gymnasts that made up the American Women’s team in ’96? I had their posters on my wall, their biographies, their little trading cards-I ADORED them. Specifically the amazing Dominique Dawes.

I remember watching the ’96 olympics and cursing my dad for not getting me in gymnastics when I was 3 years old, because I wanted to be just like them and everyone knows you have to start early to be a Gold medal gymnast. I’m not sure what made me think of those girls, but tonight they crossed my mind and I googled/wiki’d all of them. It’s nice to know that they are all doing well and none of them are in rehab for drugs or have released any sex tapes. I even found a documentary and spent the last hour watching it and reliving my past obsession. HA!

A couple of years later the girls were replaced with anime posters, *NSYNC, Josh Hartnett(yuck!), Leonardo DiCaprio, and Prince William.

Who was on your wall? Who did you adore?


4 thoughts on “the magnificent seven

  1. Oh, you make me feel old! I was in college during these Olympics and remember them specifically because Keri Strug is related to a couple of guys I went to university with, so I was cheering her on.

    My walls were filled with horses before making the switch to Duran Duran.

  2. My heavens. This is weird, but we’re connected through Mr. J. Cleveland Graham. I stumbled upon your blog and thought, “Gee she’s familiar.”

    Anyway, weird stalkery-observation aside, I really loved these gals, too. I’m so relieved that they stayed pillars of inspiration and all-around goodness. I remember very vividly practicing my beam routine in my living room. Glad I wasn’t alone in my very delayed dream.

    And yeah, NSYNC made the wall, too. I still love JT.

  3. @allison hungry like the woooooooooolf! ^_^

    @steph whaaaat?! why not? Parents didn’t want you to or did you just not go through a fangirl phase?

    @mary Hi there! ^_^ I still love JT too! Though back in the day my heart was only for J.C Chasez

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