so soon!

I officially started my job search on Monday of this week. I searched online classifieds and sent my resume out to jobs I’d be interested in and guess what?! I got a call back yesterday! *dance* I have an interview for a job on Thursday in Advertising Sales. It’s my forte’! Haha, well, not really, but it was what I did before I was a nanny and I was REALLY good at it. So, wish me luck and think of me tomorrow!

I’ve been working out! In Amsterdam, I biked and walked everywhere. Here, I drive/ride everywhere! I have to get my exercise somewhere! So, I jog/walk for about 2 miles in the evening with my mom/dog and in the morning I shred. Shred?! Yep, shred! I, like many other bloggers lately, have started Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. It’s a 20 minute work out combining cardio, strength, and ab exercises. You probably think “20 minutes?! pfft. That’s nothing!” Oh, but it is! I’m on Day 3 now and it is TOUGH! By the end of the workout I am panting and sweating and ready to give up! And just when I think I can’t go anymore, Jillian motivates me to keep going. She does it by telling me that 400lb people can do the things I’m struggling to do. Of course I don’t want to quit if 400lb people can do it! I’m already seeing some improvements. On day 1 I couldn’t do all of the pushups and today, I did all of them! Go me! Here’s to hoping I can get through all 30 days and tone up/lose some weight!

Ok, well off to read The Sandman until I fall asleep.


5 thoughts on “so soon!

  1. Good luck!! The job world is tough lately…I’ve been looking for a job for five months.

    I’ve been thinking of trying the Shred…you’ll have to give updates throughout the 30 days about the results you’re seeing.

  2. I’m also on the 30 Day Shred – and Jullian Michaels will kick your ass!! ugh… it’s so crazy.

    Congratulations!!! I just saw your Tweet… I’m so happy you found an awesome job!

  3. That’s pretty good luck! I have been looking for a month now and still nothing, maybe I’m searching in all the wrong places! Which classifieds did you use?

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