sissyLong time no blog! I’ve been busy, busy, busy! I’ll try to catch you up on what I’ve been doing. First of all, I’m in America! I moved back last Sunday. I’m living in Memphis with my mom. It’s kind of annoying at the moment. After living on your own it takes some adjusting to living with someone who tells you what to do…and you HAVE to do it. I mean, after all it is her house. The plan before I moved back was to live with my mom until I finish nursing school (2 years). After a week of living here the plan has changed. I am going to live with her until the end of the summer and hopefully find a place to move into in August. I think living elsewhere will help me enjoy/tolerate being here a little better. I miss amsterdam SO much! I felt more at home there than I ever have in Memphis. BUT as I said before, I’m going to try to make the most of being here and not dwell on the past. *sigh* Since I’ve been home I haven’t been up to much. Just adjusting to being back here, hanging out with my mom, sister, and extended family. This past week I’ve seen about 60 relatives…no kidding! Friday, I spent with my African side of the family. There was a memorial service for my aunt who passed away. She died back home in Sierra Leone all of a sudden from high blood pressure related causes. Since no one could afford to go home with such short notice, we had a service for her here. A lot of relatives from all over were here for the weekend including my dad and a handful of cousins who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. Even though the cause of gathering wasn’t a happy one, I still enjoyed seeing everyone AND yummy west african food (nomnomnom). Yesterday was spent with my American side of the family. We were celebrating my cousin’s graduation from college. Complete opposite crowd than the previous night. It was the side of the family who live in a teeny tiny town (there’s not even a walmart there!) in Mississippi. Had a good time seeing them including my grandma and my great grandma! AND eating tons of yummy food-some catfish, ribs, potato salad, cakes, baked beans, collard greens, LET ME STOP!

My last 2 weeks in Amsterdam may as well have been called drunkfest 2009, because I was seriously drinking/partying almost every night until I left. Oh and my favorite Dutch holiday was also during this time. Queensday! It’s a national holiday to celebrate the birthday of the queen. It was my seocnd time celebrating and just as fun as it was last time. Everyone wears the national color (orange) and the streets are opened up to the public for selling old stuff (vrijmarkt), drinking, dancing, DJ-ing, whatever! You can check out more pics and get a feel for the celebration on my photos page. Besides partying a lot I had a lot of tearful goodbyes to say. It was really emotional saying goodbye to people that I’ve gotten really close to. Some in the last couple of months and some the entire almost 2 years that I lived there. I miss them ALREADY!

Oh, I have big news! I got a dog! A mini dachshund! Yea, I know, I just got here! But I’ve been wanting one for ages and this breed in particular!1241720853jpg1

I adopted him from a family who couldn’t keep him anymore. He’s 1.5 years old, housebroken(!!!), teeny and his name is Peanut. I hate that name. It just feels a bit ridiculous yelling Peanut. So, I’m changing it! I’ve come down to a few names with the help of some friends.

So far, I have Koekje which is cookie in dutch, Pino(pee-no)-just a name, but it happens to be sort of the Dutch version of Big Bird, and Posey-everyone hates this one

So help me!


4 thoughts on “sheesh!

  1. Cute doggy! I suggest to name him ‘Pinda’ (peanut in Dutch) :-D

    I can’t tell if that’s your mom or your sister in the picture! I remember seeing a pic of your mom before and she looked really young, so it might be her!

    I agree on West African food being yummy! Even though I’m not from the mainland, I think ‘our’ food resembles Sierra Leone’s food a lot. It’s delicious!

    Good luck with the adjusting process! I’m sure you’ll feel a lot better soon!

  2. you and your sis are cute!!

    Sorry to hear about your aunt. :( my heart goes out to your family.

    good luck with moving out. and congrats on the new addition to your family. he’s adorable!

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