I’m participating in a 31 day blog challenge and today the task was to compose a list blog. I thought and thought about what I wanted to make a list post on. I debated between favorite movies, favorite songs, favorite websites- but in the end I decided not to go with a favorite list. Instead, I made two 5 point lists regarding dating. Something I really don’t talk about on the blog because I’m afraid someone will get offended or it will start some sort of drama. Anywho, surely this won’t piss anyone off. Here are my “Deal Breakers” and “Deal Makers”!

5. MANDALS! oh, god! I HATE mandals. I don’t mind flip flops or a nice Banana Republic slip on. I’m talking those criss crossy mandals or the ones like this!


4. conservatives/Republican. I just can’t…

3.bad music taste. I know this is based on opinion. I don’t mind someone who’s music taste differs from mine. But gosh, let it be good music. A huge turnoff for me is going through someone’s Ipod and seeing crap like Linkin Park, Nickleback, and my least favorite of all time, Dave Matthews Band *puke*

2.smokers. To each his own, but I do not and will never date a smoker (tobacco*). I don’t smoke and I hate the smell of cigarettes, so naturally, I don’t want to kiss anyone that does. I’ve made out with a guy who smokes before and I really had to stop mid kiss, because it was terrible. It tasted ick, I could smell it on his beard. Not to be all after school special, but it really did taste like what I imagine kissing an ashtray would taste like.
*Of course I don’t mind someone who smokes “green” every now and then

1. short guys. I’m a tall girl. 5’9 and some change and my number one deal breaker is a guy shorter than me. Definitely can’t deal with it! I think the shortest guy I’ve dated was about 5’10 and that was even a bit short for me. Especially on the rare occasion that I wore heels


5. humor– Laughter is the best medicine. No really, it’s been proven to help your heart and obviously, puts you in a good mood. I love laughing and I love a guy with a great sense of humor! A guy that keeps me laughing is a keeper.

4.openminded-ness -*Swoon* I swoon for guys who aren’t afraid to try new things and who can bring new, exciting, things for both of us to try into a relationship.

3. Not wearing MANDALS!

2.passion– have a passion for something. Music, art, politics, a special cause, anything and I will love you…if it goes along with my beliefs of course. Clearly, I’m not going to fall in love with some guy that marches in Pro-life marches. CLEARLY!

1. blue eyes– make me weak in the knees!


7 thoughts on “list

  1. You’ll ditch the mandals for me?! awww!

    and yea, I sort of got rid of the spam-bot problem. i still get a few every now and then, but not nearly as much. I’ll check out your link! thanks Ike!!

  2. So…..flip flops are ok, then? I mean, I have about the same stance on mandals (and could introduce you to a manal-wearer, but that wouldn’t be the ONLY deal-breaker about him hahahahah)…..but in the summer nothing is better than coming home from work and ripping off my socks—I have a substantial sock budget—and going for the flipperfloppers.

  3. I’m with you on all these points, except that I’d add flipflops to the mandals. If people aren’t close to a pool or at the beach flipflops are out of place. Ah! and lets’ not forget crocs! *shudder*

  4. No joke – today in the dumb train paper they hand out there was an article about Meggings. Leggings for guys. I think those are a deal breaker for me. No meggings. OR mandals – I’m with you on that one!

    I didn’t know you were tall! Me too! fun!

    Oh and thanks for the link to the list – I think I may give it a go too – always looking for something cool. :)

  5. @chris flipperfloppers are fine by me! what are the other dealbreakers?! oh please don’t say Dave Matthews Band

    @evilchick oh god, crocs! Forgot about those! ICK!

    @daisy meggings?! MEGGINGS?! ha! I’ve never see a guy in them, but you’re right…definitely would be a dealbreaker

    Tall girls unite! How tall are you? Good luck with t he blog challenge!

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