Oh, hello world! If you aren’t my twitter, facebook, or real life friend then you may not know that for the past week I’ve been sick with tonsilitis! Yuck! It was a long and painful week! I whined, I cried, I couldn’t eat, could barely lift my head, had a fever, and of course wasn’t prescribed with any medication. The doctor only told me to rest and drink lots of liquids. I paid for a 5 minute diagnosis and for him to tell me to drink liquids and rest. THANKS A LOT, DOC! Anywho, it’s a lot better now. Thankfully.

A day or two before I came down with tonsillitis, I went out with Annie. Not only did we have a grand ol time, but we saw a guy wearing a Borat bathing suit! It was for his stag party and HILARIOUS!
*shudders* just be glad I didn’t get a picture of the frontal view :)

“if you passed up an investment opportunity recently or decided not to deepen an emotional entanglement, you may now find yourself reconsidering your previous decision”

So, that was part of my horoscope for the day and omg is it right on target! Ok, so I decided that I will not be making a trip to Sweden to see my boy-thing for a last time before I leave Europe(we decided from the beginning that we would end things when I moved back to the states). I thought I was confident in my decision. I made the decision thinking it would be best emotionally for me not to have that “last visit” and all of the emotions attached with it making it even harder for me to leave. I thought I knew what I was doing, but this week, I’ve been doubting it and wishing I had budgeted enough money to visit. :( ughh. Hope I made the right decision.

Anywho, I’m tired and off to bed.


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