it worked

Toothpaste for the win. The toothpaste worked and magically make my pimple disappear! One side affect was that it also kind of irritated it just a bit and now there’s a scab. Not to worry, I have a cure for that too. Cocoa butter! it works miracles on scars. Trust me, as an accident prone person, I know.

Hello Wednesday! I love having Wednesdays as my off day. It breaks up the week and is such a godsend after my long Tuesday. Even though I’ve been in the house all day, my day has been pretty eventful. I woke up (at 11am! yay sleep ins) and walked to the kitchen in undies/bra to get some cornflakes and what did I spy? A MAN! An unidentified man in my kitchen! WTF!? I stared. He stared. I said “hi” and ran… without my cornflakes :( I went into my room and put on clothes and went back to ask him who the heck he was. He explained that he was the repairman for our heat! I didn’t even know it was broken, but this explains why I’ve been chilly for the past few nights. After the repair man incident, I replied to 14 emails, played some Warcraft-healed Culling of Stratholme in Heroic mode and yes….oh yes, we did get the timed. Because I am an amazing healer. Unfortunately I didn’t get the drake. DARN MY LUCK! Oh well. After WoW, I ate lunch and put a facemask on. And now I’m making a checklist of things I HAVE to do today! I am much more productive when I get to cross things off of a list. So, things I need to do are- clean my room which means hang up my clothes, unpack from my trip, and make a pile of clothes that I want to throw out. Im moving back to the states mid May and have about double what I initially came here with! that is more of a week long task than a today task. And make a calendar/budget for trips I want to take during my last few months here. HELLOOOO?! PARIS!


5 thoughts on “it worked

  1. Yay! Congrats on your pimple disappearing!
    Toothpaste doesn’t work for me unfortunately…no clue to why :-(

    Paris! We’re going too…in two weeks. When are you going?

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