pimply larue


I have a huge pimple under my right eye. I rarely get pimples so this is really annoying me. I am trying a trick my dad told me about a looooong time ago. Toothpaste! Anyone else heard of this? My dad told me to dab a little on the problem child and let it sit for awhile and it should be gone the next day. I’ll let you know the results.

oh, and i’ve been delightful. ^_^


7 thoughts on “pimply larue

  1. Yeah, I’ve heard of this. Never really tried it, though.

    There is a medicated cover-up that I use for my pimples which dries them out much the way toothpaste would.

    Good luck with that!

  2. HAH! oh you doubters. the toothpaste did work! It’s gone!

    adn thanks for the compliments. It’s a dress. I bought it last week. ^_^

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