Woah! Haven’t blogged in awhile. I’m alive! And no, haven’t been that busy, but a lot of things have been going on this week. Emily left for the states on Wednesday morning. We got to hang out the night before she left and even though I miss her, I’m happy for her. It’s what she wants and I’m sure she’s a lot happier there! Especially when she’s sitting by the pool in 70 degree weather *jealous*. My new roommate arrived! She’s a really nice girl from South Africa. I haven’t hung out much with her because we both have opposite schedules, but from what I can tell so far, she’s a nice girl. So, hmm…what have I been doing since I’ve been “too busy” to blog. Not much! Watching movies! I watched Atonement-didn’t really like it except for that HOT bookshelf sex scene. *dies* Omg james mcavoy, grow 5 inches taller (he’s `5’7 and i’m 5’9!) and push me up against a bookshelf like that! Now, pls!!!

Ok. Calm down, Sophia.

I’ve also been watching episodes of How I met your mother-I laugh so much during this show! And of course, I’ve been playing warcraft-I got a mace I’ve been wanting to drop for weeks! And today on my first WoTLK raid, I got some new shoulders and a new belt! score for epics!

I’m going to celebrate carnival this weekend. When people hear the word carnival there first thoughts are BRAZIL! It’s also celebrated here in the Netherlands. Mostly in the southern regions. Tomorrow i’m going down south to celebrate with the Dutchies.Haven’t decided if i’m dressing up or not. but i have decided that I am drinking…a lot ^_^


3 thoughts on “pssst

  1. You’re tall too? I love it!! I am 5′ 8.75″ lol – I can’t claim 5’9″ – I’m a 1/4 of an inch away – but regardless – being this tall rocks – LUV it! – but sometimes it’s a teensy difficult with the boys.

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