gosh, can i get a rest!?

So, if you read my last post you know I was trying to finish up my “elder quests” for achievements for the lunar festival. Well I failed. I kept getting distracted by instances, Heroics, and of course the quests for the Valentine’s Day! Love is in the Air! This is my all time favorite in game holiday and apparently every other girl that plays on my server. The quests were available at 6 am and even at that ungodly hour the main city was crowded! Mostly with female toons (maybe guys playing as girls too, but I definitely spotted a few IRL girls)!


Obbie noticed too. hehe

I’m working on it now. I will definitely finish these quests and become Pinkielarue the love fool! Check out my festival outfit and my lovely black dress from the achievements so far!

I opted for the lunar pant suit instead of the lunar festival dress
and there I am in my lovely black dress from the Valentine’s quest

ok, no more WoW posts for awhile :)


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