lunar festival!

If you don’t play Warcraft don’t click to read more. ^_^

Ok, so if you play WoW, then you know about the in game holidays. If you don’t play WoW, I warned you not to click. ^_^ But in case you were curious, I will explain. WoW has in game holidays that coincide with actual holidays-Hallow’s End Festival with Halloween, Winter Veil with Christmas, and so on. At the moment, we are celebrating the Lunar Festival. It coincides with Chinese New Year and lasts from January 24th to February 12th. During these in game holidays you’re given special quests/adventures to go on and on completion of these quests/adventures you are rewarded with special gifts. If you complete all of the quests/adventures for the specific holiday you get a spiffy title to add to your name! For instance, when you completed all of the Hallow’s End quests, you became “Pinkielarue the Hallowed” or for the Winter Veil quests you became “Pinkielarue the Merrymaker” instead of just “Pinkielarue”. You can have as many titles(you can get them from raiding, reputation, and other ways as well…but that’s for another time) as you can get, but can only use one at any given time. I, sadly, have none! That’s right! None! (err….none on my priest. My warlock has one) I always wait until the last minute to attempt the holiday quests or I forget to do them at all! Except the quests to get new outfits. I ALWAYS get the holiday dresses/suits ^_^ Anywho, if you complete all of the Lunar Festival quests you get the title elder. Pinkielarue the Elder! Sounds nice and important right? Well, I’m going to get it!

I’ve already done most of the quests also known as the easy ones. Haha! You know the ones like shooting off fireworks, killing Omen and getting the blessing of Elune. Now it’s time for the, not really hard, but timely part. Before tomorrow I have to travel all through the lands to meet with 75 elders and get coins from them. Including three in Horde cities! My opposing faction! I’ve only visited 8/75 so far :(

Wish me luck on my first title on my priest!

OH and because I know you’re curious as to what outfit Ayda has from this year’s lunar festival, here’s a screenshot

edit!-or not! Servers are down for maintenance. Stupid Tuesdays. Grrr! I’ll add it later


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