My friend Tony came to visit on Saturday. it was definitely a surprise. I wasn’t too enthused when he called me. I was on codeine, on the couch in pajamas, and completely enthralled in my trashy novel Au Pairs which was passed down from Emily to Kate and now to me. He called and said “oh hey! Open your door, I’m outside”

what??! I don’t do surprise visits so instead of an “OMG yay!” since I haven’t seen him in months, it was more of a ” whaat? why? Why are you here?!” I eventually let him up to my apartment and he explained that he was just coming over because he knew I was under the weather from my root canal. Unlike other people that like being visited when they’re sick/not there normal self, I hate it. I just want to be alone in pajamas and under covers. Anywho, he presented me with Campbell’s soups, Jello, and Pudding! Yay American food. So, I couldn’t be THAT annoyed and we ended up having a pleasant weekend.

He left yesterday after a delicious lunch with me and Emily at Burger King. I can’t explain my love for Burger King. In the states, I wasn’t a big fan of it and rarely went. But something about Burger King here does it for me and I crave it all the time. This was my first lunch at the BK in a while so it definitely hit the spot. mmmmm! twister fries ^_^ Oh, hahaha! Typical Sophia moment happened yesterday at BK. We were in line and Tony had just pointed out a guy in front of us dropping his cup on his tray. I laughed of course and of course as soon as I got my tray with food/drink on it, I dropped my twister fries all over the floor. I laughed but I was a little embarrassed. >.< Luckily, the lady behind the counter gave me new fries!

We left BK and as everyone was getting on their trams I thought, "hmm, I should probably get my bike!" It's been stranded on a street near there since last week when I thought it was absolutely too cold to bike home and just left it there. Yesterday, was nice(r) for once. The sun was shining and it was cold, but not as cold as it has been. I debated back and forth taking the tram. At the last minute I decided, with the help of Emily ("sophia…it is definitely too cold"), to take the tram home. Thank goodness I did! Because as soon as I sat my butt down on the tram and looked out of the window I saw slush falling from the sky. Phew…close call.

Today, I am working on fixing up my screwed up sleep schedule. I've been going to bed around 4am-6am and waking up for work at 8 am, but then napping during the day from 11am to 2pm. No nap today! I'm hoping…we shall see. I haven't had any caffeine yet!


6 thoughts on “surprise!

  1. you forgot to mention the ironic part where i (the sensible one;) got stuck walking a mile with the snow/sleet combo pelting me in the face because there was a tram accident. and also how i was laughing like a crazy person in the middle of a field because it was just too ridiculous. i might have to write about this story on my blog. haha.

  2. oh yeaaaaa. hahaha. gosh, I’m sure that sucked. you should definitely blog about that, crazycat!

    crazy cat-much like a hellcat, but crazy :)

  3. I know just what you mean about Burger King. My only regular fast-food indulgence when I lived in the States was Taco Bell, but since moving to Sweden there’s special place in my heart for the few American fast-food options available. Both BK and Subway get semi-regular business from me over here. If Dr. Darling and I are feeling really indulgent (and flush), we’ll go to Pizza Hut. I do still manage to avoid McDonald’s though!

  4. I feel the same way about surprise visitors! That’s what cell phones are for!!! lol. And I’m with you on BK – I love it in AUS now. Also like McDonalds now too … though here in AUS the McDonalds are totally different.

  5. @shazzer My friends and I also frequent the local Hardrock Cafe. You can’t beat a (kind of) real hamburger and most importantly refills! haha! :D

    @daisy Hungry Jacks!

  6. LOL! Yeah, “free refills” is a concept largely lost on Swedish restaurants. Dr. Darling still behaves as though we’re “getting away with something” when we get refills in the US!

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