juicy fruit

Once again I’ve changed my layout. I change it pretty frequently because I can never find one that captures me or my style! But I think I’ve found it in this layout called “Juicy Roo” designed by Kelly Roo. (Thanks Kelly! I looooove it!)

What a freaking emotional week! This week has been full of random happenings. It was fine until Tuesday. *shudders* Tuesdays are my Mondays. Everyone hates going to work on Monday. Not me. I dread Tuesdays. Tuesdays are my long day as I work from 8 am until around 6 pm. Normal for some, hell for a nanny! So, basically, I go in to work and everything is fine. Around midday I decide to go to my house, kid in tow, to pick up the mail. Oh, and what do you know! I had a letter from my dentist with a bill that I had to pay by that coming Friday for part 2 of my root canal(omg…why do I have to go twice anyway? ) I opened it and literally, freaked out. It was far too expensive and I just spent most of my money on part 1 of the treatment! I took some deep breaths and tried to work out how I was going to pay the bill in my head, but I couldn’t because the kids were being EXTRA bratty. Or maybe my patience was very thin at this point. I called my mom and cried/broke down with her on the phone. Unfortunately, she didn’t do much comforting. And you know what I found out today?! That she and my sister have been making fun of the breakdown and quoting it to each other. “Mommy! I’m having a crappy day and I just need a freaking glass of wine, and I can’t have one because I’m on anitbiotics. *cries*” I don’t think it’s amusing AT ALL! Anywho, the day never got better. I ended up working late because the parents had some dinner. When they got home I thought I would just go home, relax, and play World of Warcraft all night (yes! I played >..<

Today, I worked a bit and had part two of my root canal completed. I'll save you the details, but it was a 2 hour painful process and I only received 2 pain pills! And that was only because I begged the dentist and it was from her own purse! She couldn't prescribe me any. *sigh* I am so glad the whole root canal adventure is over. Such good news to my ear. Also, had some sad news today. Found out that the family's diabetic cat (the only cat i've ever liked!) died. They found her in the basement this morning and think she died from an insulin overdose. I was the last one to inject her …


But! I'm pretty sure I didn't kill the cat! I've been giving her insulin for months and months and I know how much to give! She was really old and sickly. Perhaps it was old age. Regardless of how she died, R.I.P. Poekje! You will be missed.


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