I’m taking a break from WoW for a week. I need to focus on other things and if it’s there, I’ll just be distracted. I’m having two guests stay at my house this week. A cute couple from Austria. I’m really looking forward to it because the girl and I have so much in common. I mean when she contacted me about staying here I had to say yes in the basis of her profile picture alone- a picture with her and her Hello Kitty Toaster! Just like the one I have back in the states that toasts Hello Kitty’s face on every piece of bread! They’ll be here for a week starting Monday.

My week was tiring and long! The mom of the kids I nanny for, is out of the country so I had to work extra hours. I didn’t realize how much she actually contributes to my working week until she was gone. She gets back this weekend, thank goodness. It’s now the weekend and I thought I would spend it sleeping, but my Dutch dentist inflicted so much pain in my mouth that I can barely sleep! I went to the dentist yesterday to get a root canal on one of my molars. I was freaking out because you never hear good things about root canals! and even more so freaking out because my last Dutch dentist told me I wouldn’t get anesthesia! Thankfully, the one I saw yesterday hooked me up. I was still squirmy and freaking out in the chair. She had to stop a bunch of times to tell me to calm down and breath or she’d stop the procedure half way through. I couldn’t help it! I still felt the drill! :( We finished the first half of the procedure and I biked home…yes, I biked home after a root canal, with a numb face. There was drool, chapped lips, and I’m sure my face was drooping. After the anesthesia wore off, I was in fucking pain! Of course I wasn’t prescribed with pain killers(what’s up with that Europe!?) So, it was Tylenol PM, imported from the good ol US of A, and some Darvocets I had leftover for some previous ailment. Still, I got no relief! I hate to say it, but I definitely abused the drugs and took way more than I was supposed to. I had to in order to get some sleep and stop the tears! Not looking forward to the second part of the procedure on Friday. :(

This morning I am feeling much better! There’s pain but it’s a lot less severe than yesterday. I hope it stays like this. Especially since I’m off to eat pannekoeken(my most favorite Dutch thing…EVER!) with Emily and Kate! And hopefully a stop by the comic book store if I can manage it!


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